5 Cozy and Creative Winter Wedding Ideas

We love winter weddings. From unique favors to heart warming treats, here are some of our favorite winter wedding ideas that will make your wedding one to remember.

Winter Colors - Black and Gold: Winter weddings allow for some of the most elegant and rich color combinations. Black and gold is one of our favorites. The dramatic contrast of the deep black with the shine of the gold make for bold statement about your style. Here are our Polka Dot Matchboxes in black and gold that are perfect for a black tie affair.

Winter Colors - Navy and Silver: If a dramatic effect with a little less formality is what you're going for then the classic navy and silver combination is a must have. More informal and relaxed by design, this color combination still exudes a sophisticated elegance that your guests will love. Here is our Carrie Collection Napkin looking dazzling in the color combination.


Hot chocolate bar: Nothing will warm up your guests inside and out like a sweet hot chocolate bar. Make it the first stop by including a welcoming sign right as they enter the room. Add special toppings and flavors to make it extra luxurious (and maybe even some decadent liqueurs for the adults). 

Evergreen accents: Winter weddings can be green too! Evergreen accents will add a unique and seasonal accent and undeniable character to your celebration. 

Blanket Favors: For those embracing an outdoor ceremony in the colder months, this is a must have. Offer your guests blankets as favors to keep them warm and cozy while you and your partner take your vows. Get blankets and bows in your wedding palette to elevate the favors into a part of your overall decor.



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