Our Top 5 Custom Matches for 2018

Custom matches are a timeless and useful favor for any occasion. At Tea and Becky, we are passionate about beauty and quality, and always ensure that our products only meet the highest standards of excellence. Our matchboxes are no exception. We continuously get rave reviews from our customers about how excited they are to use our matches in their celebrations.

As we ring in the new year, we wanted to highlight these customer favorites.

Art Deco - Daisy Collection

Art Deco Matte Black and Shiny Gold Foil

Our boldest and most sought after matchbox is our Art Deco design. Your monogram is the centerpiece in this design, accented by curved lines and sharp corners to give it a truly art deco style. Customize this matchbox to align with your color palate and give your guests a truly memorable keepsake.

The Perfect Match - Carrie Collection

The Perfect Match in Shimmer Rose Gold and Brushed Gold Foil

This is the one that started our business and continues to be one of our most popular designs. Our The Perfect Match matchboxes are simple and elegant in their design but send a strong message to your guests about your style. The typeface is the star in this design, with each word having a different personality that creates balance of elegance and playfulness on the small matchbox surface. We love all of our designs, but this one will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Estelle and Carlos - Amelie Collection

Amelie Matchbox in Coral and Shiny Burgundy Foil

The simplicity of this Amelie Design matchbox is what makes it stand out from the rest. Simple and elegant, this matchbox showcases the names of you and your partner, front and center in simple typeface. Our original design had the foil wording a darker shade of the broader matchbox to give the names added weight; but any colors from your palette will do. This matchbox will ensure your guests will never forget that you and your partner were front and center at your celebration.

Polka Dot - Carrie Collection in Black

Polka Dot in Matte Black and Shiny Gold Foil

The simplicity and playfulness of polka dots cannot be missed, but contrast that with bold and formal colors like black and gold and you have a truly memorable statement piece for your celebration. Our Polka Dot Matchboxes can play up or down any occasion.

Rustic and Monogrammed Matchboxes

Rustic Monogrammed in Matte Navy and Shiny Dusty Rose Foil

Our favorite Rustic and Monogrammed Matchboxes combines your monogram in vintage style typeface with a vine accent. The combination of the two creates an unmistakable design that can accent any boho, forest or garden wedding. These matchboxes will not only ensure your guests remember your wedding, but will transport them back to your celebration every time they see them.

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